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Strong foundation in the lower classes plays a vital role in forging life-long learning competencies. Our curriculum is designed to cater to the student’s learning needs and preferences and has a perfect balance between teacher directed and student-led activities with an intent to holistically develop students in all areas: physical, social, emotional, cognitive, linguistic, self-help, spiritual, creative, logic and critical thinking. We strive for each child to view learning as both exciting and challenging and become autonomous, self-directed individuals with a strong sense of self-worth. Our Theme based interdisciplinary approach in teaching is to enhance the learning experience of the students not only in the areas of discipline but also in inculcating Ethos, Values and Problem solving skills. Freedom to Explore, Discover the world around them, Correlate the concepts taught with their daily life situations within a Safe, Stimulating and Structured environment is what we endeavour. Each child is unique and learns differently. Hence, we at the RUMAO PLAY WORLD LLP have designed the curriculum considering the Multiple Intelligence so as to support students to realize their strengths in learning enabling them to progress in a phased manner and be future ready.


Students assessment will be formative throughout the academic year using predetermined assessment criteria’s. The learning goals and objectives will be shared with the students to develop their ability to assess themselves thereby taking responsibility of their own learning. We encourage interaction through dialogue between the teacher and students through constructive feedback. Term wise Report Card will be made based on the average of all the Formative assessments taken during the Term and teacher observation of the student’s behaviour, participation and progress.

Assessment Cycle

Assessment Cycle

School USP

  • Holistic Development
  • Critical Thinking Approach
  • Enquiry Based Programme
  • Integrated Curriculum and Technology Centred Learning

Other Facilities

  • Indoor Gym
  • Dance Studio
  • Step up Projection
  • Amphitheatre
  • Outdoor play area
  • Indoor play area
  • Library

Curriculum Based on

  • Language Development

    It includes oral communication like speaking, listening, and reading, comprehending simple texts, and writing skills. Our teachers provide children with higher levels of language stimulation by asking open ended questions, having a dialogic communication and engaging in positive talk.

  • Numeracy skills

    It includes, developing mathematical skills in numbers, counting, problem solving, measuring, sorting, comparing, creating patterns, adding and subtracting numbers.

  • Theme-Based

    Children develop different skills through theme-based learning at RUMAO WORLD SCHOOL. Our teachers create a very enriching and stimulating environment that provokes our learners to inquire, ask questions about the world around them and give them opportunities for experimenting and exploring areas of Science and Environmental Studies.

  • Physical, Social & Emotional Development

    Children participate in various activities and games which challenges and develops their gross-motor and fine-motor skills along with building social skills of working as a team. Playing cooperatively, exercising and practicing yoga together also aids in developing the emotional quotient of the children.

  • Creative Skills

    Art allows children to develop their creativity which is important to express their feelings. It also focuses on mental growth of children by providing opportunities for trying out new ideas, new ways of thinking, and problem-solving. Valuing the resources and learning to create ‘best from waste’ is what our teachers instil in the children.

  • Value Education

    Inculcating moral values is the core of the curriculum and it is a part of everyday routine through games, activities, stories, songs, field visits, daily affirmations etc.

On the whole our curriculum is designed to motivate our students to enrich their knowledge and understand its application in real life while developing the right attitude in them.

Co-scholastic Areas

We aim to provide safe and supportive learning environment that inspires all children to create, learn and develop 21st century skills.

Physical Education



Speech & Drama

Art & Craft


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